5 Must-Reads: Shopping for a Better UX

5 Must-Reads: Shopping for a Better UX

5 Must-Reads: Shopping for a Better UX

Let’s go shopping! While mCommerce might seem just slightly out of a credit union’s purview, it reveals a great deal about how consumers want to transact. Find out what a mobile shopping addict actually looks for, and how retailers are shortening the journey from shopping to purchase. Also, can better mobile banking tools help compensate for the speed and effortlessness with which members are spending their funds?

BONUS: In this week’s THINK Extra post, we consider the futility of honing your digital strategy.

NEW REPORT: Can Financial Tools Build a More Responsible Member?

Shopping may be more effortless than ever, but building the financial wherewithal to afford it still takes some work. Digital banking tools are making it easier than ever for consumers to track and deploy their money intelligently. But even with all this support, will members really be able to build sturdy financial lives for themselves?
What mCommerce Retailers Can Learn from a Mobile Shopping Addict

Luxury Daily

If you want to know what consumers want and expect from a mobile experience, take a look at what this self-confessed mobile shopping addict has to say about user experience.


Checkout Features that Turn Online Shoppers into Online Buyers

National Retail Federation

Here’s some objective information to back up our mobile shopping addict’s observations. What motivates mobile shoppers to take action? Is there anything credit unions can learn about their own user experiences?


Suits You, Sir: Contactless Mirrors Come to the Fitting Room

Because your mother actually can’t “just be buying those pants for you while you change back into your own clothes” every time, San Francisco innovation firm Oak Labs is developing a viable alternative. Soon, you’ll be able to pay for items directly from the fitting room by tapping your NFC-equipped mobile phone at a virtual checkout located on a contactless mirror.


Will IBM and Visa Turn Billions of Connected Devices into Points of Sale?
Apparently, dressing room mirrors are just the beginning: “IBM has struck a deal with Visa that will give all of Big Blue’s Watson IoT platform customers access to the card giant’s payment services, potentially turning billions of cars, fridges, sneakers and other connected devices into points of sale.”


THINK Extra!

Don’t Bother Developing a Digital Strategy

This week’s bonus THINK post takes a contrarian view on digital strategy. Instead of laboring over how you’ll handle digital moving forward, maybe it’s time to consider making digital the driving force behind everything you do. By digitizing your strategy, you’ll transform your enterprise into a digitally-driven, agile competitor. Ready to launch your digital transformation journey? Register for THINK 17!