5 Must-Reads: Products that Change Your Life

5 Must-Reads: Products that Change Your Life

5 Must-Reads: Products that Change Your Life

Not to aim too high with our headline, but this week had us thinking about innovations that have life-changing potential. From the visionary perspectives of Guy Kawasaki to the key takeaways of the THINK 17 conference, here are ideas both big and small to ponder:

Kawasaki: Create Life-Changing Products

Credit Union Magazine

If you attended THINK 17, you would call them “Jobs to Be Done.” The wants and needs consumers couldn’t articulate were the inspiration behind Steve Jobs’ best innovations, says Jobs’ longtime associate Guy Kawasaki. Here, Kawasaki sees a blurring of the separation between technology and other industries, including financial services. Don’t miss the video of Kawasaki’s key note at TEDxBerkeley on the Art of Innovation at the end of the article.

Biometric Mobile Payments Set to Explode in 2017


Biometrics aren’t as futuristic as they once seemed. Mobile payments that use biometrics to authenticate the user are forecasted to reach nearly $2 billion in 2017, up from $600 million last year, according to new data from Juniper Research.

How Facial Recognition in Payments Have Evolved

Let’s Talk Payments

Facial recognition technology has evolved to the point that it can now be used for financial transactions. How safe is it? Combining it with artificial intelligence and machine learning results in spot-on accuracy.

5 High-Tech Card Concepts

CU Journal

It’s been a full 50 years since a young Benjamin Braddock learned that the future was “plastics” in the classic counter-culture movie “The Graduate.” Is it possible that plastics still hold some innovative potential? Check out these new concepts for plastic payment cards.

P2P Payments Have Become the Social Norm


More than a third of us are now using person-to-person payments, with a full 62 percent of Millennials now using services such as Zelle and Venmo to pay each other back, according to a Bank of America survey.

THINK Extra! THINK 17 Attendees Head Back to the Office. What now?

The most transformative THINK conference ever has now concluded. Find out what we learned about launching a digital transformation journey. How are attendees likely to get started this week? And how can you plug in now?