Three New ATM Upgrades to Help You Deliver on Digital

Three New ATM Upgrades to Help You Deliver on Digital

Three New ATM Upgrades to Help You Deliver on Digital

ATMs remain an important, fundamental service to members, and the experience you provide there can make or break your brand in their eyes. In fact, according to ATM Marketplace, nearly a third of U.S. consumers use an ATM at least once a week, making the platform one of your most impactful communications tools.

Because ATMs play such an important role in building member relationships, they must keep pace technologically with growing consumer demands.

“Consumers appreciate the speed and convenience of self-service banking, and that is why more than 50 years after its introduction the ATM remains a critical asset for financial institutions everywhere,” said Dr. Kathy Snider, senior vice president for CO-OP. “In the age of Amazon, Apple and Netflix, however, what consumers expect from ATMs is changing. Today’s digital consumers want hyper-personalized experiences, and it’s up to credit unions to deliver.”

New Digital-First Features

To help you enhance the ATM experience for members, CO-OP continues to advance the platform on both the front and back ends. We are rolling out three new features for CO-OP ATM Terminal Driving that streamline navigation for members and make it easier for credit unions to manage their fleets:

  1. Cardholder Preferences – Our new “set-it-and-forget-it” feature allows cardholders to choose default settings for language preferences, fast-cash withdrawal amounts and receipt delivery options. Once settings are selected, members no longer have to make those elections at each visit.
  2. Iterative Software/Hardware – ATMs driven by CO-OP now support Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 model hardware and the latest Diebold Vista 5.2.3 ATM software. These upgrades expand the functionality of shared branch ATMs, giving members full account access and other transaction options that would normally require a live teller.
  3. Remote Balancing – No more “green screen” technology for credit union personnel in charge of terminal balancing. Our new web-based ATM management solution features a point-and-click interface that significantly improves back-office efficiency for faster member service.

“These terminal driving enhancements are designed to help credit unions deepen member engagement, increase ATM transactions and build revenues as a result,” said Snider. “Today’s consumers reward brands that provide highly personalized, predictive and seamless experiences. We are optimizing our ATMs to help credit unions deliver on the promise of digital, transforming everyday banking tasks into positive member touchpoints.”

Learn more about how to add CO-OP’s latest ATM enhancements to your fleet today