Successful Transition of TMG Within CO-OP Tops Year of Accomplishments for Shazia Manus

Successful Transition of TMG Within CO-OP Tops Year of Accomplishments for Shazia Manus

Successful Transition of TMG Within CO-OP Tops Year of Accomplishments for Shazia Manus

This week, CO-OP announced that Shazia Manus, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, will be leaving the company to start the next phase of her career as a credit union-industry change agent. In May, she will join CUNA Mutual Group’s AdvantEdge Analytics to help the firm accelerate the movement’s digital transformation.

Shazia joined CO-OP last year when the company acquired credit processing expert TMG of Des Moines, Iowa. Having served as TMG’s President/CEO, Shazia’s leadership was felt in all corners of the company. During her tenure, TMG doubled its revenue growth and grew staff by 30 percent.

“The acquisition of TMG was a milestone in the history of CO-OP Financial Services, giving us a best-in-class credit processing solution and helping to transform us into a fully-integrated, comprehensive payments services company,” said Todd Clark, President/CEO of CO-OP. “Shazia played a key role in successfully integrating the two organizations, and ensuring that we provide credit unions with the products and solutions expected of them by their members in a rapidly digitalizing marketplace.”

“I am very grateful to Shazia for her leadership this past year, and congratulate her on the next phase of her career, which I know will be one of outstanding leadership in our movement,” said Clark.

Shazia said the accomplishments she and her team have made within the new CO-OP have affirmed a belief she’s held for many years. “Credit union people are the ones who will usher in a new era of financial services for consumers. I can already see it happening, and it’s so inspiring.”

The integration of TMG and CO-OP merely tops a year of accomplishments for Shazia, which includes putting together a top-flight management team that will carry forward the product strategy she has put into place. These accomplishments include:

  • Developing a product and solutions strategy critical to CO-OP’s digital transformation, with four strategic pillars of focus: Digital First, Data Strategy, Fraud & Security and Retail Banking innovations.
  • Cultivating a strong Product leadership team, who along with their own teams, will continue to execute on a full body of work. These include: Kelly Mendenhall, VP Product Office, Yvonne Stepflug, VP Credit Products & Portfolio Management Services; Kathy Snider, SVP, Network and Retail Banking; Nish Modi, VP, Digital and Business Intelligence; and Fotis Konstantinidis, SVP, Fraud Products and Data Scientist
  • Releasing MyCO-OP, a single client portal for all CO-OP tools and applications.
  • Playing key strategic role in the transformation of CO-OP Shared Branch network.
  • Serving on CO-OP’s client Co-Creation Councils.
  • Providing strategic direction on several major initiatives in play, including machine learning.

In a message to CO-OP credit union partners, Shazia expressed her excitement about the new position. “I always find that a life transition is easier on the soul when you step outside yourself and think about how your change impacts the people around you. It’s like moving from one base camp to the next on a mountain climb. Before you take off for the next encampment, you have to replenish the one you’re leaving to make sure those coming behind have all they need to be successful. Over the next several weeks, I’m devoting my time and energy to exactly that.”

The entire CO-OP family wishes Shazia the best. We are looking forward to seeing how this next step in her career helps credit unions do even more good for the millions of members who count on it.