A Special COVID-19 Message from our President & CEO

A Special COVID-19 Message from our President & CEO

A Special COVID-19 Message from our President & CEO


Dear CO-OP Financial Services Clients and Partners,

As we all navigate these unprecedented and challenging times, we are all working to make sure you have what you need to serve your members and keep your credit union strong during this critically important time. CO-OP is here to help. We will keep you updated on strategies to manage COVID-19/coronavirus while also regularly informing you about our business continuity efforts. To that end, we have made available a microsite with all COVID-19 information, including client communications, our business continuity plan, resources and FAQs. Visit www.co-opfs.org/covid19 at any time for the latest updates.

Over the last two weeks, in accordance with guidance provided by the CDC, we began implementing an orchestrated approach to social distancing in our facilities and migrating many employees to work remotely, with the goal of ensuring business continuity. With a large percentage of our employee base already set up to work in a remote capacity, this style of work is something we are used to and much of our team did not miss a beat. However, we also maintain a smaller population of site-based employees who continue to come to the office every day. For these teams, we have increased office cleaning each day and are managing physical workstations to allow for safe distances. We take the health and safety of our employees very seriously and continue to closely monitor the current health situation and federal, state and local guidance.

CO-OP has offices across the country and like you, we are considered an essential business, so the various municipal restrictions being enacted are not impacting our operations.

We continue to work with urgency, purpose and focus during this rapidly evolving situation. We are here to continue business, so that you may continue yours, ultimately ensuring your members are taken care of.  Just last week, we were pleased to announce several cardholder payment relief solutions for our Full-Service Credit clients. We’re in this together with you, our clients. Know that we are working with speed on additional solutions across our product lines and we will be communicating those initiatives promptly.

Local conditions vary greatly and things may change significantly with short notice, we will continue to monitor and remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure the health and safety of our employees within our facilities as well as the greater community at large. Expect weekly updates from CO-OP and additional outreach when any significant changes occur. And as always, feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns.

Thank you for being a valued client. As your partner, we want to lift the cooperative spirit of credit unions to support you and your members. We are here for you!

Todd Clark

President & CEO

CO-OP Financial Services