New Credit Card Support Features to Keep Members Transacting

New Credit Card Support Features to Keep Members Transacting

New Credit Card Support Features to Keep Members Transacting


In the age of mobile/digital, consumers expect easy, fast and convenient service from brands anytime, anywhere.  In fact, according to a 2018 Forrester report, “We’re at a tipping point for customer service operations. Customers contact enterprises at a greater rate over a greater number of channels — shifting between them seamlessly and even using channels simultaneously. Enterprises react by adding headcount — an unsustainable strategy. You must transform operations by developing strength in automation, AI and knowledge.”

To help credit unions enhance their service proposition for members, CO-OP has announced new enhancements to its Springboard and MyCardInfo debit/credit card applications that integrate, streamline and automate important member service tasks on both front and back ends.

“Now in its 10th year, Springboard is our own proprietary card account servicing application that gives credit union employees real-time access to member card account data,” said Yvonne Stelpflug, VP of Credit & Ancillary Products for CO-OP. “With MyCardInfo, members also enjoy real-time online and mobile account access. Together these tools empower your employees to make service inquiries fast, efficient and seamless for members, instilling their confidence in your brand and deepening their loyalty.”


Springboard and MyCardInfo Enhancements

Lost/Stolen Request Feature Added to MyCardInfo

When cards are lost or stolen, there is an urgency about the situation for members. Our newest MyCardInfo option puts member cardholders at ease by allowing them to report a credit card as lost or stolen immediately through a self-service portal.  Because this new feature is tightly integrated into Springboard, the user experience and workflow remain unchanged for your employees, allowing them to respond rapidly to member needs – without having to access and learn a separate application.

Dispute Reason Codes Revised

Time is also of the essence when it comes to fighting fraud.  To help your credit union quickly and precisely address disputed transactions, we have removed the “other” reason option in Springboard and MyCardInfo and replaced it with code definitions that are more detailed and specific. This new upgrade gets vital information in the hands of your credit union faster.  Springboard has also been enhanced to automatically prompt employees on the steps to take whenever card fraud is suspected.


Exclusive Springboard Upgrades

New Opt-In/Out Options for Visa Account Updater and Automatic Billing Updater

When it comes to Visa Account Updater (VAU) or Automatic Billing Updater (ABU), your employees are no longer required to use the 3270/BlueZone system. Now they can re-enroll or opt cardholders out of VAU and ABU directly in Springboard, making the process easy and seamless for everyone involved.

New Token Provisioning Feature for ProvisionPlus

ProvisionPlus support has been expanded as well, allowing staff to easily target individual accounts in Springboard and black or white list them for token provisioning. In addition to reducing potential fraud, this new feature simplifies token provisioning at the account level for a faster, more secure cardholder experience.

“The payments industry is fiercely competitive and continually evolving, and credit union service and support teams must have advanced digital tools to keep member cardholders engaged and transacting,” said Stelpflug “The investments we are making today in Springboard and MyCardInfo remove the friction from common support tasks and reflect our commitment to helping you provide a superior member experience.”

Balance Consolidation Enhancement

Finally, we released a new feature that will help raise awareness of suspicious behavior tied to balance consolidations and balance transfers. Springboard will now evaluate the frequency and dollar amount of balance consolidations on an account and automatically warn your front-line staff and call center when a transaction could be a potential risk. (Read more about Springboard’s Balance Consolidation Enhancement)


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