How CardNav by CO-OP Helps Those Who Help Themselves

How CardNav by CO-OP Helps Those Who Help Themselves

How CardNav by CO-OP Helps Those Who Help Themselves

02-xxWhatDoUThink2As CO-OP readies the launch of its new card controls and alerts product, CardNav by CO-OP, we’re reminded that the trend toward self-service comes with a big, bold asterisk attached. To paraphrase an old expression, someone must help those who help themselves.

What do we mean?

Egged on by technology and the burgeoning DIY movement, people are more and more enthusiastic about doing things themselves – from tiling their own backsplashes to firing off loan applications in the middle of the night. CardNav plays right in to this trend. By placing control over payment card account settings squarely in the palms of your members’ hands (or, more accurately, on their mobile devices), CardNav gives members the self-control they crave.

With CardNav, members can:

  • Turn cards on and off
  • Set spending and/or geographical limits on card use
  • Establish types of transactions allowed
  • Receive and respond to text alerts
  • Manage settings on the fly using their mobile devices

We predict CardNav will be a hit with members. But just as middle-of-the-night loan applications lead to all-hours calls to your member support center, and do-it-yourself remodeling leads ineffably to the HGTV empire, card control support calls will require credit unions to roll up their sleeves and help.

Now, here’s the thing: CardNav has built-in administrative controls for credit unions via an easy-to-use management console (mConsole). So when your members call to report their phone stolen, or to say their settings are stuck, or to confess they’ve forgotten what their settings are, the CardNav mConsole enables you to see what’s going on. Using the mConsole, you can turn accounts on and off, monitor activity, reset passwords and settings, and more.

Why does this matter? The trend toward self-service and remote controls gives your members the opportunity to enjoy greater engagement, access, security and control. But let’s be honest: Sometimes your members are going to need a little help. Whenever you think of adding new self-service technology, don’t forget to add in the component of real, human service as well. Helpful beats helpless every time.

To learn more about CardNav by CO-OP, click here.