Help CO-OP Benchmark Debit Trends to Unlock Opportunities for Growth

Help CO-OP Benchmark Debit Trends to Unlock Opportunities for Growth


CO-OP Financial Services is partnering with Mastercard to commission a benchmark study on the state of debit cards among U.S. credit unions. The survey, conducted by Mercator Advisory Group, will be used to develop an in-depth industry report on important debit card trends regarding usage, issuance, servicing and management.

“The debit card is becoming more important to members’ relationships with their credit unions, and central to their overall financial habits,” says Sarah Grotta, Director of the Debit and Alternative Products Advisory Service at Mercator Advisory Group. If credit unions want to grow – and grow their member relationships – in an increasingly digital and cashless marketplace, understanding strengths and opportunities within the debit market is essential.


Participate in our survey

Credit union participation is essential to the success of this study. If you’re a credit union executive who is knowledgeable about your organization’s debit program, please consider participating in this survey.

“The information credit union leaders provide will help us understand where the credit union industry is in regards to the feature functionality of their debit card programs, how they’re being promoted, and how they’re being used,” Grotta says. “The data can also be used by individual credit unions to assess the success of their own debit portfolios and to uncover new ideas about how to better serve their members with debit.”

CO-OP will donate $100 to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals for every survey completed (up to 250 surveys) as a thank-you. Survey participants will also receive an advance copy of the benchmark report.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.


[The survey is now closed. We will be releasing the results of the study in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!]