Fast, Brilliant – and Mobile

Fast, Brilliant – and Mobile

Fast, Brilliant – and Mobile

The verdict is in. Your members want fast, convenient, and brilliant mobile and digital banking options, and you’re in the process of meeting those needs.

Consumers are increasingly embracing mobile devices for their everyday needs, and mobile banking has become a must-have for credit unions and their members everywhere. With 90 percent of consumers now owning a mobile phone, and 68 percent of all credit union members using mobile banking at least once a week (RateWatch), credit unions can do no other than get on board.

Yet, with more than a million mobile apps on the market, how does one create a go-to solution for members? When we set out to design the new CO-OP Mobile banking app we emphasized speed, convenience and functionality to meet consumer demands for solutions that are both fast and brilliant across iPhone and Android devices.

Here’s why your members will love it:

They can view all their accounts at once.
Featuring advanced account aggregation technology, CO-OP Mobile allows members to view and manage all their accounts from a single screen. Whether at the office, the airport or the mall, they can check balances, view account history, pay bills and transfer funds.

They can pay anyone, anytime, anywhere – in real time.
The new RealPay by CO-OP option takes advantage of our CO-OP Connect network, allowing members to send money instantly to anyone. Its Real-Time Good Funds model ensures the money is available before the transaction moves forward, eliminating settlement risks. This means your members can now split the check with a friend over dinner without any cash on hand. All they need is an e-mail address or mobile number, and they are ready to settle the bill.

They can deposit checks on the go.
Your members are busy. Using our My Deposit Mobile with remote deposit capture, they can quickly and easily deposit checks using their smartphone camera.

They know their accounts are secure.
Protecting member data is paramount, and CO-OP Mobile adheres to all federally regulated audit standards for both physical and electronic security and intrusion detection. This includes the use of Multi-Factor Authentication for enrollment, multi-layer security for protecting member data, industry-leading 256-bit SSL data encryption, SSAE 16 certified data centers, and both physical and electronic intrusion detection testing.

They love to text.
CO-OP Mobile offers text banking features as well, allowing members to access account balances and history by text message.

Here’s why you will love it:

It’s a powerful branding platform.
With CO-OP Mobile, you can customize the interface with your credit union’s logo, color scheme and other branding elements. You’re giving them a great new tool. You deserve the credit.

It’s low maintenance. 
You can deploy CO-OP Mobile without adding costly new infrastructure and technology, and without hefty maintenance fees.

It’s designed with the future in mind.
At CO-OP, we are always evaluating new ways to make our products better. We’re already working on future enhancements to CO-OP Mobile. Stay tuned.

It delivers the wow factor.
The new CO-OP Mobile app provides the kind of user experience that wows your members.  Not only is it precise, fast and easy to use, but it’s also fun!

It is part of a complete suite of mobile banking solutions.
CO-OP Mobile is part of our comprehensive mobile offering designed to meet your credit union’s unique needs at every point. Other mobile banking options include a core integrated solution deployed in partnership with Alkami Technology, Inc. for high-end integrated online and mobile banking, a stand-alone API that ties our most innovative features seamlessly into your existing mobile banking solution, and Sprig by CO-OP, our virtual branch.

View our latest product video to see for yourself.