CO-OP’s Fundraising Incentive Raises Additional $80,000 for CMN Hospitals

CO-OP’s Fundraising Incentive Raises Additional $80,000 for CMN Hospitals

CO-OP’s Fundraising Incentive Raises Additional $80,000 for CMN Hospitals


“I am so very proud of our credit unions in California and Nevada, and their efforts to raise funds for the 11 CMN Hospitals in the two states. The credit unions continue to raise the bar, increasing the number of credit unions participating and the total dollars raised,” said Diana Dykstra, CEO of California/Nevada Credit Union Leagues. “A small number of credit unions in Southern California began the SfM program four years ago and it is very exciting to see national participation.”

“Shop for Miracles” was a month-long Credit Unions for Kids fundraiser and member-awareness campaign that has become an October tradition. Credit unions were invited to donate to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals on behalf of their debit and credit card holders. CO-OP matched the donations of participating credit unions via the CO-OP Miracle Match program.

In recognition of the important work state leagues and associations do for the credit union industry, CO-OP also awarded additional fundraising money to top-performing state leagues or associations based on their credit union participation. The funds will be donated to the local CMN Hospitals of the winner’s choice.

The winners are:

Leagues with the Most Participating Credit Unions

First Place: $25,000

  • California Credit Union League

Second Place: $10,000

  • Ohio Credit Union League

Leagues with the Highest Percentage of Credit Unions Participating

First Place: $25,000

  • North Dakota – Credit Union Association of the Dakotas

Second Place: $10,000 each to the two winners who tied

  • Nevada Credit Union League
  • Oregon – Northwest Credit Union Association

“None of this would have happened without CO-OP amplifying the awareness of this program, creating a league challenge and, of course, for their generous financial contributions through CO-OP Miracle Match,” said Dykstra. “This past year our credit unions in California and Nevada have raised more than $1.5 million dollars for our hospitals.”

“As the holidays approach, we are all reminded of the importance of doing more for the communities where we live and work,” said Troy Stang, CEO, Northwest Credit Union Association. “CO-OP continues to lead with head and heart through programs like CO-OP Miracle Match, and this fun and purposeful contest. Through these philanthropic efforts, CO-OP enables the impact of credit unions to be felt deeper throughout the communities they serve – thank you. Finally, efforts like these remind and encourage credit union leaders to competitively embrace that cooperative spirit that continues to be a part of the system’s success.”

Congratulations to our winners and there is already a new opportunity for credit unions to spread miracles. Underway now is a nationwide “Vote for Miracles” campaign celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Credit Unions for Kids program. From November 29 through December 20, credit unions and the general public are invited to cast their votes to support their favorite CMN Hospital. At the conclusion of the promotion, the top five hospitals will be awarded a total of $100,000 on behalf of America’s credit unions, compliments of CO-OP Financial Services.

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