CO-OP Unveils “Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams”

CO-OP Unveils “Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams”

CO-OP Unveils “Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams”

Daria Musk at the House of BluesOne of the many highlights of last week’s THINK 14 Conference in New Orleans was the unveiling by CO-OP Financial Services of “Empowering People. Amplifying Dreams.” This new, multi-faceted marketing program aims to promote credit unions to prospective members, targeting consumers born after 1980.

Credit unions are the best option for consumers as a primary financial institution in wide variety of ways, including personalized service, convenient access to funds and great lending rates. Yet studies show very low awareness of credit union benefits, especially among the young. CO-OP is launching this initiative so that consumers can better understand how our industry empowers individuals to achieve their financial goals.

A key feature of the campaign is the spokesperson, singer/songwriter Daria Musk. The campaign will make use of primarily digital content sources from both CO-OP and Musk to promote credit unions. The campaign will follow Musk’s story as a consumer of financial services, focusing on how her credit union membership is helping her as a young person become established financially. The campaign got off to a rousing start on May 21 with Musk performing the first live, on-line Google+ Hangout concert at a House of Blues venue (see photo).

CO-OP’s initiative also includes a new website,, designed to tell consumers more about the advantages of credit union membership.

The website focuses on the Millennial generation’s specific challenges and illustrates how credit unions provide the products and services that not only meet their challenges, but enhance their lives as a result. CO-OP intends the website to be a key resource as younger consumers consider their financial futures.

The CO-OP campaign will also be supported by an array of paid advertising and marketing; public and media relations and events; and promotion through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

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