CO-OP Signs Agreement Keeping CO-OP ATM Network in 7-Eleven Stores

CO-OP Signs Agreement Keeping CO-OP ATM Network in 7-Eleven Stores

CO-OP Signs Agreement Keeping CO-OP ATM Network in 7-Eleven Stores

From sodas and snacks to lottery tickets and fast food, 7-Elevens hold a treasure trove of “bare necessities” behind their doors. Which is why your members inevitably find themselves shopping there.

And, with that in mind, CO-OP has reached an agreement with FCTI, Inc., ensuring that approximately 8,000 ATMs located in 7-Elevens nationwide remain part of CO-OP ATM – surcharge-free – for years to come.

CO-OP ATM will continuously provide credit union members with surcharge-free access to ATMs in 7-Eleven locations.

All of which means CO-OP-client credit unions enjoy a distinct advantage in this market going forward. Not only will they be able to give members broader ATM access, but they will also benefit from the brand recognition 7-Eleven has with consumers.

CO-OP’s Long-Standing Affiliation with 7-Eleven

CO-OP ATM has an established history within 7-Eleven, and that continues with its new ATM provider, FCTI.

According to FCTI Co-CEO Jeffrey Wernecke, “CO-OP ATM is the key to convenient, surcharge-free access to accounts for credit union members, and we are delighted that this service will continue at 7-Eleven stores through FCTI machines. The enhanced security features of our machines will be a particular benefit to credit union members, in this era of heightened concern over identify theft and other forms of fraud.”

Todd Clark, CO-OP president and CEO, adds, “This agreement continues to enable millions of surcharge-free transactions for members of participating credit unions every year so members can conveniently avoid being charged.”

In addition, the CO-OP-FCTI partnership will bring additional locations into the network from approximately 5,000 terminals currently owned and operated by FCTI.

CO-OP ATM Network is the Nation’s Third Largest

With 30,000 surcharge-free machines nationwide, CO-OP ATM remains the largest credit union-only ATM network – and is larger than any single commercial bank fleet. To help members locate a convenient ATM within this expansive network, CO-OP offers a mobile locator app that displays all CO-OP ATMs, including those in 7-Eleven stores. The locator is also available at CO-OP’s consumer website,

Surcharge-free, convenient access to ATMs is important to your members – and so is the user experience you provide there. To help credit unions deliver outstanding service on all fronts, CO-OP offers the industry’s most innovative new ATM technologies for security, remote marketing and management, check imaging, advanced analytics and more.

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