CO-OP Member Center Providing Service for Emerging Self-Service Payment Options

CO-OP Member Center Providing Service for Emerging Self-Service Payment Options

CO-OP Member Center Providing Service for Emerging Self-Service Payment Options

call center representativeAlternative and self-service payment methods are becoming ever more dominant in the financial services marketplace, and that brave new world is also (literally) calling for 24/7 member service.

Counted among these payment innovations is Sprig by CO-OP for mobile banking, the Apple Pay mobile wallet, CardNav by CO-OP alerts and card control solution, and NextGen ATM by CO-OP, enabling shared branching transactions at an ATM. CO-OP Member Center is supporting credit union members at all hours as they seek information on the use of these innovative new tools – proof that call center services are evolving well beyond assisting lending and account activity.

The CO-OP Member Center routinely handles 250,000 calls per month, and the call center is seeing growing volumes, particularly in the areas of emerging payment support.

Personal, Professional Service

 One of the main advantages of the CO-OP Member Center is that it offers personal, professional service with a human touch to members who may have questions about, let’s say, CardNav or Sprig, during off-hours when a credit union may be closed for business.

“With the CO-OP Member Center, the member makes a call, hears a real human voice, and has his or her question answered promptly by someone who knows what they are talking about,” says Leta Nachtigal, Training Manager. “The member receives seamless support – as if they are speaking to someone at the credit union. The credit union benefits by maintaining strong member confidence in emerging payments, helping the institution as it seeks to expand its self-service channels and create a true omnichannel payment experience for their members.”

Nachtigal also points out that payment products that record a higher frequency of member calls are served by dedicated phone lines manned by representatives with a greater degree of specific knowledge about that particular product, facilitating fast and accurate service. Another key attribute of CO-OP Member Center service is that its representatives, via CO-OP Shared Branching, can access a member’s account information. The member’s account-related questions can be answered in real-time, as if the member was face-to-face with a branch teller.

Flexibility to Fit Budget, Need

For smaller credit unions or ones that may have limited call center requirements, CO-OP Member Center offers a variety of very flexible programs that give credit unions the ability to tailor the call center service to best fit their needs and/or budget. “Credit unions have the choice of signing individual contracts for each service they want or may select an umbrella contract for bundled services,” says Nachtigal.

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