5 Must-Reads: You Call This Service?

5 Must-Reads: You Call This Service?

5 Must-Reads: You Call This Service?

Serving your members means something different today than it did a decade ago – or at least it should. How are technologies like chatbots, mobile apps and video banking affecting your members’ perceptions of service? Does self-service have an impact on loyalty? Good food for thought as you peruse our latest THINK Extra post about winning in the digital economy. Happy reading!


Study: Consumers Are Receptive to Chatbots

Mobile Payments Today

A majority of consumers are comfortable talking with a chatbot yet only a fraction have engaged with one, according to the 2017 Mobile Consumer Report from Vibes. The report also uncovered a number of insights into consumer perceptions and preferences about how they want to interact with brands on their phones via text messages, mobile wallet, push notifications, apps and more.


Chatbots Are about to Become Frighteningly Realistic

MIT Technology Review

No sooner do we learn that consumers are receptive to chatbots than we find out chatbots are about to frighten us all.  Realistic facial expressions and the ability to read your expressions are meant to make chatbots friendlier. We’ll leave it to you to decide how successful this is.


Are Loyalty and Convenience Interchangeable for Modern Banking Customers?

March 27, 2017 – article on Payment Eye

Banking customers – and your members – want an enhanced, modernized user experience. But even as consumers revise their definitions of convenience, accessibility and simplicity, what impact is modern “service” having on loyalty?


What Generation Z Wants from Fintech

Huffington Post

One in four members of Generation Z goes into a bank branch at least once a week. If you think Gen Z is Millennials on steroids, you have a lot to learn. And please, don’t make them an app.


Video Banking Produces Benefits, Customer Adoption Rate Lacking

Credit Union Times

Fewer than 20 percent of respondents to a recent survey about video banking had fully deployed video banking at their financial institution. Among those who had, more than 70 percent thought video banking improved their image as an innovator, and another 60 percent thought it facilitated faster customer service.



Winning in the Digital Economy

As digitization becomes mainstream, the top third of digitized companies will profit and prosper disproportionately, while the bottom third will lose revenue and profits. Where will your organization fall?