5 Must-Reads: Will the Small-Business Market Pay Off?

5 Must-Reads: Will the Small-Business Market Pay Off?

5 Must-Reads: Will the Small-Business Market Pay Off?

Small businesses need you. Just about every small business has a banking relationship, but relatively few are happy. This week we take a closer look at who this market is, what they need and who might have ideas about serving them better.


Are Small Businesses Ready to Dump Big Banks?

American Banker

One-third of small businesses are actively seeking recommendations from their peers on switching banks, according to a new report released by FIS. Think you’re up for the job? Be prepared to get your digital game in order: Small-business owners are adopting digital banking technology at a faster clip than the average consumer.


New Fintech Lenders Encroaching on Business Banking Turf

The Financial Brand

Your small business customers are increasingly turning to online lenders and fintech startups for infusions of much needed capital. Can traditional banks and credit unions really afford to surrender this market?


BofA Turns to AI for New Payment Reconciliation Tool


Bank of America is introducing a new reconciliation service for large companies that relies on artificial intelligence. Intelligent Receivables promises to make straight through reconciliation of incoming payments faster and more efficient.


A Merchant’s-Eye View of New Technology

Mobile Payments Today

As credit unions gear up to deal with the growing popularity of mobile payments and other new technology in retail stores and restaurants, merchants face their own issues when considering new technology. How do retailers and restaurateurs decide whether to invest in new loyalty programs, ordering and payment systems, and more?


Barclays Lets Businesses View Banking Data in Real Time


Barclays is courting small-business customers with a new SmartBusiness dashboard that allows them to see banking information in real time. Barclays has worked with a number of leading app providers for the new launch, which is available now to the bank’s estimated half a million business customers at no extra charge.