5 Must-Reads: Who’s Paying?

5 Must-Reads: Who’s Paying?

5 Must-Reads: Who’s Paying?

It’s an age-old question, but with new answers in this week’s industry news. Turns out your car could be picking up the tab soon – or Google Assistant. Payments are getting faster, with Same Day ACH up and running and P2P payments gaining ground: What does this mean for you? And, if you’d like a peek into the future of banking, sneak a look at video of Wells Fargo’s Digital Lab.


Okay Google, Pay My Bills: Google Assistant May Handle Payments

Payment Week

While some might mistake Google Assistant for just another voice-activated personal assistant like Siri, there are some new reports to suggest this might be ready to take on another dynamic: bill payment.


How Banks Can Win the P2P Payments War

Mobile Payments Today

“Just comparing the average transaction amount between ClearXchange users ($350) and Venmo users ($25-$40) confirms that people would rather make valuable payments via their bank than a third-party application.”


Wells Fargo Digital Lab Offers a Front-Row Seat to the Future of Banking


A quick video clip gives a glimpse into Wells Fargo’s storied Digital Lab. Wells has moved its Digital Labs team into a new 17,000 square foot facility to provide a bigger stage to showcase the bank’s emerging technologies.


Honda, Visa Demo In-Vehicle Payments at CES

Mobile Payments Today

Is it finally time for your car to pick up the tab? In a press release, Honda said that its fuel and parking concepts offer a quick and easy in-vehicle payment product delivered through smartphone integration.


Daily Data Dive: Same Day ACH by the Numbers


Who’s using Same Day ACH? According to the Electronic Payments Association (NACHA), some 13 million Same Day ACH payments were processed between September 23 and December 30, 2016. See how they broke down here.