5 Must-Reads This Week: Mobile Moves Fast

5 Must-Reads This Week: Mobile Moves Fast

5 Must-Reads This Week: Mobile Moves Fast

This week we’re tracking the movement of mobile payments technology. From the iPhone 7 bringing Apple Pay to Japan to a new partnership between PayPal and Mastercard, the advancement of mobile payments seemed to be everywhere. Or nearly everywhere: At least one survey found consumers (of all people) aren’t fully buying the payment mode of the future.

What had us hooked in this week’s news:

iPhone 7 Brings Apple Pay to Japan
PC Magazine
Beginning next month, people who have the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, or Apple Watch can begin using Apple Pay in Japan.

Survey Says: Mobile Is Exploding
First Annapolis Consulting
In May 2015, 40 percent of respondents had made a mobile payment within the past 12 months. One year later, that figure is 74 percent. Have we reached an inflection point for mobile payments?

Need to Send Money Fast? Ask Siri
Users of P2P payment app Square Cash may one day be able to transfer money securely simply by asking Siri. As part of its World Wide Developer conference in June, Apple announced it was extending the use of Siri for the forthcoming release of iOS10, paving the way for app developers to make Siri part of their app experience. Now mobile payment companies may be accepting the challenge.

PayPal and Mastercard Bring Mobile Payments Closer to Ubiquity
A new partnership between PayPal and Mastercard will make it easier to link PayPal payments to a MasterCard. It’s similar to an agreement PayPal already has with Visa.

Payments Experts Believe in Mobile Wallets. Do Consumers?
Ask industry experts, and almost 60 percent will agree that mobile wallets will replace traditional wallets in the future. So why do only 6 percent of consumers think they’ll be using mobile as their main means of payments 10 years from now?