5 Must-Reads This Week: Better Payments Ahead

5 Must-Reads This Week: Better Payments Ahead

5 Must-Reads This Week: Better Payments Ahead

This week the news was full of innovations that could make payments better – biometrics, PayPal One Touch, an awareness of the “fiddliness” factor in mobile payments. But it was the impact of new payments innovations on our old friend ACH that was our top pick of the week. Happy reading!

What had us hooked in this week’s news:

The Automated Clearing House System Is Fighting for Its Life
Payment Week
In honor of the launch of same-day ACH last week, here’s a post that covers the history of the Automated Clearing House system and contemplates its future in the face of so many new, advanced technologies. Is ACH about to expire?

Can Samsung Pay Users Pay with Their Eyes?
Speaking of advanced technologies, Samsung Pay version 2.3 brings a wealth of new features for the Galaxy Note 7, including the ability for consumers to use their retinas to buy things.

Brits Trust Banks More Than Government with Biometrics
Visa sees consumer confidence in both authentication and the storage of biometric data giving banks the perfect win-win scenario on the biometrics front.

PayPal One Touch Prepares Big Push Ahead of Black Friday
Payment Week
With PayPal One Touch, PayPal users no longer need to log in multiple times from the same device – a time savings move that makes shopping at multiple stores faster and easier. Now that it’s competing in the mobile payments space with Apple Pay and its ilk, PayPal needs every advantage it can get.

Sizing up the “Fiddly” Factor and More in Mobile Payments
Financial Times
What’s really driving the growth in mobile payments in 2016 – and what’s slowing it down? Among a variety of factors, consider the “fiddliness” of most mobile payment apps. Are we getting closer to a truly effortless experience, or merely seeing a proliferation of similar options?