5 Must-Reads: Top of Wallet, Top of Mind

5 Must-Reads: Top of Wallet, Top of Mind

5 Must-Reads: Top of Wallet, Top of Mind

How do you make it to the top – top of wallet, top of app and top of mind? In the end it comes down to engagement: the more engaged your members are, the stronger the connection you will have with them. So how does a product, campaign or organizational culture inspire engagement? In a crowded, competitive marketplace, it isn’t just about having the latest technology or even the best product; trust, security, and human understanding must all factor into driving engagement and building connections with your members.

Here are five perspectives on ways to increase engagement and reach top-of-wallet status:

12 Ways to Get to the Top of the Digital Wallet

The Financial Brand

Getting to the top of the wallet in the digital payments world isn’t exactly the same as winning the traditional wallet war. Here are some examples of winning tactics from companies that are getting it right.

New Data: Why 80 Percent of Top FI Performers Put User Engagement First


The latest Innovation Readiness Playbook from PYMNTS explores the role experience plays in success: “the most innovative FIs know that providing exceptional service to their consumer base comes down to focusing on three key components: user experience, digital technology and data analytics.”

How to Win the Payments Race – A PFI Playbook

CO-OP Insight Vault

Being top of wallet is just one component of your whole relationship with members. Here is CO-OP’s take on becoming the preferred financial institution in the digital era – what it means, what it takes, and how you can begin now.

Will Zelle Beat Venmo and Square Cash in the Wallet War?

Investors Business Daily

Zelle may be poised to outstrip Venmo and Square Cash by year’s end: “Research firm eMarketer estimates that Zelle will end 2018 with 27.4 million users, up from 15.8 million last year. PayPal’s Venmo will have 22.9 million users versus 17.3 million a year earlier; Square Cash will have 9.5 million.” (learn more about CO-OP’s Zelle integration)

Employee Engagement: Your Marketing’s Secret Weapon

CU Insight

Liz Garster from Twoscore shares her advice on building engagement among team members, particularly around new product and service launches. If you are actively innovating, internal culture is as essential as any shiny new technology.

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