5 Must-Reads This Week: Where’s Grandma’s Check?

5 Must-Reads This Week: Where’s Grandma’s Check?

5 Must-Reads This Week: Where’s Grandma’s Check?

Is anyone else missing Grandma’s check this holiday season? The traditional ways we exchange money are getting an overhaul in the mobile era. Is it Grandma or the Grinch who sends you Jonathan-Adler-designed holiday P2P, removable gift card stickers or fraudulent gift cards? Only Santa knows for sure.

How PayPal Makes Sending Money Fashionable


Designer Jonathan Adler will provide six exclusive digital holiday and generic gifting cards consumers can use to personalize their gift of money when they use PayPal.

Amazon Patents Removable Gift Card Stickers


Are gift cards going the way of the holiday check? Maybe, and Amazon’s proposed gift card stickers could help make it happen. Imagine using a gift card sticker to add a little something to your holiday card or gift. Better than a check or card? At least you don’t have to shake the envelope to find it.

Google Gets Festive with Android Pay Christmas Crackers


Google is playing Santa over the holidays, hoping to win converts to its Android Pay service by rewarding Brits who use it with virtual Christmas crackers filled with prizes.

Money Transfers Go Omnichannel


In this video story, Alex Holmes from MoneyGram outlines three key developments in the money transfers industry, and how customers benefit from these changes. Among the insights: An omnichannel experience makes money transfer less cumbersome and more immediate.

Gift Card Fraud Could Ruin Your Holiday


Say it ain’t so: The gift cards you buy at the supermarket could be subject to fraud. “There is in fact a shadowy world of third parties out there that handle the actual activation of the card and they’re not really accountable to anybody,” says Los Angeles Times business columnist David Lazarus. Fraudsters also write down the numbers from loose gift cards on the rack, then activate them online. Sounds like a great argument for getting your gift cards from the credit union from now on.