5 Must Reads: Put a Twist on It

5 Must Reads: Put a Twist on It

5 Must Reads: Put a Twist on It

It’s a new year, but so much of financial services is perennial – loans, payments, security – that it can be easy to lose track of progress. This week we’re looking at new ideas, or maybe more accurately old ideas with a twist. Will winning the Internet of Things matter this year? Is sitting on your couch and buying shampoo online finally just too much work? How do you put a technology twist on auto loans? And what might the world of fraud have in store for us this year?


Samsung Might Be King of the IoT. So, what?

Mobile Payments Today

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Tim Baxter, president and COO of Samsung Electronics America, explained just how critical the Internet of Things is to Samsung. But what does this mean for the company? And how does Samsung Pay figure in?


Who’s Got the Button? Why One-Click Is Winning


“The fastest way to scare off a conversion in an online transaction is to force customers to key in a 16-digit card number instead of just clicking ‘buy now’ in some form or another.”


Idea Bank Uses GPS for Pay-as-You-Drive Car Loans


Poland’s Idea Bank is aiming to shake up the auto lending market with a new pay-as-you-drive model that uses GPS to track drivers to calculate their monthly payments.


Old Idea, New Problems: Skimming Is Big in 2017

Bank Info Security

Card skimming is not exactly cutting edge, but it’s seeing a resurgence at the ATM and gas pump. Here’s why fraud experts think 2017 will be a big year for card skimming – and what you might do to arm yourself.


2016 Reflections and Predictions for 2017

January 5, 2017 – article on Let’s Talk Payments

It was a big year for data breaches, but who knew that 70 percent of breaches last year happened at businesses with five or fewer locations? Here’s a look back at 2016’s year in fraud and data breaches – and a look forward at what to expect in 2017.