5 Must-Reads: MasterCard vs. Hepatitis C

5 Must-Reads: MasterCard vs. Hepatitis C

5 Must-Reads: MasterCard vs. Hepatitis C

It’s not every week that one of the big brands in payments is being singled out for battling disease, but that’s exactly what’s happening in this week’s Top Read. It’s a great example of blending payments and purpose. Also on our radar: AI in financial services, in-car payments, mobile security and how payments are now showing up on more devices and apps than ever. Happy reading!


TOP READ: MasterCard Is Curing Hepatitis C — With the Power of Payments


As the payments space evolves and expands, why can’t innovation also apply to the power of payments to do good? According to PYMNTS, this might be happening now: “Last week, MasterCard inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gilead Sciences, Inc. to explore how to use the MasterCard Aid Network to simplify the delivery of Hepatitis C treatments in those countries with limited resources.”


The Use of AI in Banking Is Set to Explode

The Financial Brand

“The explosive growth of structured and unstructured data, availability of new technologies such as cloud computing and machine learning algorithms, rising pressures brought by new competition, increased regulation and heightened consumer expectations have created a ‘perfect storm’ for the expanded use of artificial intelligence in financial services,” writes Jim Marous on The Financial Brand. Now, how will it apply to you?


Devices and Unconventional Channels Are Turning into Payments Platforms

Let’s Talk Payments

Payments was the hottest fintech segment in 2016. No wonder companies across multiple industries are looking for ways to integrate payments capabilities into as many devices/platforms and channels as possible.


Are In-Car Payments Innovative?

Mobile Payments Today

Speaking of payments in unconventional places, are recent rumors of in-car payments to come a sign of breakthrough innovation or not? What is the value – beyond novelty – of being able to pay via your vehicle?


Banks are Blind to Many Cyberattacks, Research Says


Securing digital payments is an ongoing challenge for financial institutions, yet it’s possible that many FIs are doing too little, too late. What’s the current state of the art in cybersecurity, and what should you be doing to shore up your defenses?