5 Must-Reads: Life After the Election

5 Must-Reads: Life After the Election

5 Must-Reads: Life After the Election

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This week we’re holding on to hope that there will be life after this election, wherein we all return to our usual business: innovating the future and delighting our members. Find out how a few industry insiders think the election might shape the next four years for financial services — and check out new news about machine learning, innovation at the card networks, and a new money transfer app called Zelle:

TOP READ: The Next Four (Scary) Years


Election day is almost upon us! Whatever the outcome, PYMNTS columnist Karen Webster reassures us that the future for financial institutions will be – well, scary. Put on your big boy/big girl pants and find out what the next four years might have in store, whoever is sitting in the Oval Office.

Financial Services Industry Waits on Presidential Election

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Just in case you’re the kind of old school thinker who likes to get more than one perspective on an issue, here’s another take on how tomorrow’s election might impact financial services, fintech and the CFPB.

Make Way for Zelle, a New Money Transfer App

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Some big players in financial services are behind Zelle, a new money transfer app that is poised to give Venmo a run for its money. With Zelle, consumers will be able to send money from their bank accounts to anyone with a Visa- or MasterCard-branded debit card. Likely participants in Zelle include CO-OP credit unions, thanks to a recently-signed strategic partnership agreement.

Machine Learning Unlocks Data Insights


What does machine learning have to do with your credit union? In this video article, Mike Blalock, General Manager – Financial Services Industry, Intel and Andy Hirst, VP Banking Solutions, SAP discuss current and developing applications for machine learning in financial services – and what organizations like yours might expect to gain by adopting it.

Card Networks Transform into Tech Companies

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Card networks are going out of their way to lead the way in innovative technology. Case in point: When you go shopping on your Samsung smart refrigerator, MasterCard is the innovative force that makes the transaction happen.