5 Must-Reads: Is the Future Friendly?

5 Must-Reads: Is the Future Friendly?

5 Must-Reads: Is the Future Friendly?

Here’s a question you don’t see often enough: Is the future friendly? Are we going to like the next ten years? This week we’re taking an up-close look at the members who might have been with CUNA Mutual’s study of the non-member population. Who are they and why haven’t they joined? We’re reading about a future in which Facebook makes enlightened suggestions (read: nags you), nearly one in five people uses mobile ATM access, bank branches are entirely unstaffed, and Google uncovers a technology flaw that could expose millions to being hacked. Are you ready? We’ve got that covered too, with a THINK survey on cultural transformation. Happy reading!



Credit Unions: Your Non-Members’ Lifestyles and Attitudes

CUNA Mutual Group

Find out how the other half lives. Read the e-book and view the infographic resulting from a research study on how CUs can better understand the unique profile and mindset of non-members, including under-engaged members.


Facebook Uses AI to Tell Users What to Buy, How to Pay


Get ready: Soon Facebook will be equipped with AI capable of reminding you to pay a friend back from the last time you hung out – or recommending that you get an Uber. Two questions. Just how smart will the new M feature be? And how much do you really want your Facebook to nag you? Just asking.


Mobile Access “Poised to Invigorate” the ATM Channel

ATM Marketplace

A new survey by marketing research firm Phoenix Synergistics has revealed that a “surprising number” (17 percent) of ATM users have already accessed their accounts with a mobile device rather than an ATM card.


Google Discovery Shows Fragility of Mobile Phone Security

Bank Info Security

Google’s Project Zero does deep research into the vulnerabilities of critical software and components. What’s news? Apparently flaws in a microchip used widely in Apple and Android mobile devices could be used to remotely hack a device over Wi-Fi, with millions potentially affected.


Bank of America Looks to Roll out the “Robo-Branch”


Who can resist the charms of an entirely automated bank branch? Bank of America, for one, is hoping the answer is “no one.” The banking giant is set to experiment with self-service “robo-branches” that feature no employees.



Help Create the Future of Credit Unions

As credit unions everywhere look to embrace the digital future, we all wonder where exactly we are in our digital transformation journey. Here’s one way to find out: Participate in our survey on credit union culture. We’ll reveal the results at THINK 17 – and via a post-conference webinar. And we’ll share your individual results with you.