5 Must-Reads: Fighting Fraud with AI

5 Must-Reads: Fighting Fraud with AI

5 Must-Reads: Fighting Fraud with AI

More coverage on the expanding reach of artificial intelligence: This week we take a look at how AI is being deployed in financial services, especially as it relates to fraud. What’s the net takeaway? We’re all going to have to be smarter than ever as AI raises the bar for fraud-fighters and fraudsters alike.


TOP READ: Is AI the Ultimate Fraud Fighting Machine?


What does Nuno Sebastiao, co-founder and CEO of Feedzai, a fraud-fighting, machine learning platform – and CO-OP’s partner in creating a machine-learning security tool for credit unions – have to say about emerging fraud threats and the importance of fighting innovative fraud with innovative tools?


This Is What Fraud Looks Like in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The Next Web

AI isn’t all about fraud busting. What about its potential uses in committing fraud? Find out how AI could play a role in handwriting forgery, fake chatbots and fraudulent voiceprints.


How Companies Are Already Using AI

Harvard Business Review

How smart are you about artificial intelligence? Learn more about the chances of AI-enabled computers taking over your job – and how this technology is being implemented across various industries.


Chatbots Go Cha-Ching: The Looming Impact of AI in Finance


Hello: “Accenture recently reported that the vast majority of industry insiders believe AI will become the “primary” channel through which banks and their customers will interact within the next three years,” according to this post.


Samsung’s Trailing AI Limits S8 Facial Recognition Accuracy

Payments Journal

In case Accenture’s prediction about AI taking over financial services has you spooked, here’s evidence that the revolution is not yet complete: Samsung, which has been slow to recognize the importance of machine learning, now has a problem with the accuracy of its facial recognition software in its new flagship Galaxy S8 product.


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