5 Must-Reads: Apple Pay’s Piece of the Pie

5 Must-Reads: Apple Pay’s Piece of the Pie

5 Must-Reads: Apple Pay’s Piece of the Pie

This week there are conflicting perspectives on who might be winning the wallet wars. The data is fascinating – and proof that sometimes you can find statistics to back up any argument you choose. One thing seems clear, though: Mobile payments are on the upswing.


Why Apple Pay Will Keep Beating Google in Mobile Payments

Business Insider

Our other must-reads for this week may dispute this headline’s claims. Nevertheless, here’s a multifaceted case for Apple Pay continuing its lead among the “Pays.”


Android Pay Expands to Mobile Banking Apps


Well, here’s a potential game changer: Android Pay is partnering with selected financial institutions, including Bank of America and USAA, to enable cards to be added to Android Pay from within mobile banking apps. Will integration make Android Pay more competitive?


An Inconvenient Apple Pay Truth 


Karen Webster reports that Apple Pay usage is not only flatline, but in decline. This is the same story that PYMNTS/InfoScout data on consumer adoption and usage has told for the last 2.5 years. What is the contrary perspective on Apple Pay’s competitive lead, and how might it impact Apple’s relationships with financial services?


Deep Dive Statistics

Would you rather see some in-depth statistics and draw your own conclusions? Take a look at statistics provided in a collaborative effort between PYMNTS and InfoScout, a consumer research company.


Report: Mobile contactless users to reach 150 Million in 2017

Mobile Payments Today

While no one seems to know which “Pay” will claim the biggest piece of the pie, the pie itself seems to be getting bigger. A new report from Juniper Research projects that the number of OEM-Pay contactless users, including Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, will exceed 100 million for the first time during the first half of 2017 before surpassing 150 million by the end of this year.


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