5 Must-Reads: Is AI for Payments Smart?

5 Must-Reads: Is AI for Payments Smart?

5 Must-Reads: Is AI for Payments Smart?

It’s coming. Artificial intelligence isn’t around the corner: As Time Magazine reports, for 5 percent of us, it’s sitting at our desks. As AI makes inroads in the payments space, is it creating a smart experience? Or do we need to educate ourselves on how to integrate AI into our financial lives?

Facebook Messenger AI Assistant Offers Payment Suggestions


Facebook Messenger’s assistant M was recently upgraded. Questionable: How much will users like having an upgraded M interrupt conversations to suggest payments opportunities?


How Capital One Transformed into a Tech and AI Company

Venture Beat

Plenty of financial institutions and finance companies have talked about venturing into AI. Meanwhile, Capital One is already walking the walk. How are consumers receiving them?


Chatbot Tracker: Helping Productivity


Hey Siri: How are chatbots expanding into new roles – often with good results? Here’s a rundown of new ideas that appear to be catching fire.


How AI Is Poised to Take a Larger Role in Payments

Payments Source

The financial services industry has been using artificial intelligence for years, but now AI may be ready to move beyond the chatbot. Where does fintech consultant Sumeet Vermani think the action will be next?


Find Out if a Robot Will Replace Your Job


It may be that robots can replace only 5 percent of workers – at least for now. But robots are developing the capability to take over more and more routine tasks. Plug in your occupation and find out what the risk is of arriving at work to find a robo-replacement sitting at your desk.


THINK Extra!

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As THINK 17 approaches, find out what digital transformation is all about for credit unions.