4 Ways Credit Unions Are Awesome on International Credit Union Day

4 Ways Credit Unions Are Awesome on International Credit Union Day

4 Ways Credit Unions Are Awesome on International Credit Union Day

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Today is International Credit Union Day. Let’s take a moment to remember just how awesome it is to be the socially responsible, cooperatively structured, network connected, not-for-profit, member-centric alternative in financial services.

Celebrate your cooperative cool. Maybe you didn’t realize that being a cooperative made your credit union cool. Maybe that’s because you didn’t see the data from the National Cooperative Business Association: More than 77 percent of consumers agree that cooperatives:

  • Have the best interest of consumers in mind.
  • Run their businesses in a trustworthy manner.
  • Are committed to their communities.
  • Deliver the highest quality of service.
  • Offer fair, competitive prices.

This could be why John Haller, director of corporate and market research for CUNA said,

“[CUNA data] suggests credit unions’ cooperative structure could motivate a sizeable proportion of young adults to take a closer look – and perhaps become members.”

Wear your white hat proudly. With the pitfalls of corporate profit-seeking at big banks back in the spotlight, the cooperative values of self-help, democracy, equality and solidarity have a clear context. You don’t have to go negative on the competition in order to point out that you are not for profit and don’t answer to pressure from shareholders.

Highlight your networks. Credit union networks bring convenience – and are lifelines in a crisis. Because your members belong to a participating credit union, they have access to a fee-free ATM network that’s larger than any bank’s and the fourth largest branch network in the country. CO-OP credit unions also have the option of providing 24/7 telephone access via the CO-OP Member Center, and world-class mobile banking through CO-OP Mobile. All of these make banking with CO-OP credit unions exceedingly convenient, while they demonstrate every day what makes credit unions different.

Promote your purpose. Credit unions and their members see social mission as more than window dressing. People helping people is the driving force behind this industry. Along with the thousands of good deeds credit unions do in their communities each day, here are a few ways to consider promoting your purpose today:

  • Shop for Miracles – it’s not too late! To participate in this year’s Shop for Miracles campaign, make a contribution on behalf of your debit and credit card holders to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals today, October 20. This is the last day to contribute to this campaign, so don’t wait!

Or design your own fundraiser for CMN Hospitals; CO-OP matches contributions dollar for dollar through CO-OP Miracle Match. Credit unions have raised over $150 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals since 2006. Through CO-OP Miracle Match, more than 200 credit unions donated $4.3 million in 2015 alone. Get the full scoop here.

  • Find your purpose. Learn more about how being mission driven can drive growth at your credit union. CO-OP Purpose is CO-OP’s corporate social responsibility program for credit unions, with information about the value of CSR programs and participation opportunities like the Yoobi Classroom Initiative. Learn more

Credit unions do amazing things for their members – and their communities – every day. Today, we hope you take a moment to celebrate everything we do collectively and collaboratively. This is a great day to be a credit union.